Father’s Day Inspiration

roll wafflesI’ve been considering a new blog and it hit me this morning about the time my wife and kids delivered me cinnamon roll waffles that Father’s Day would be the perfect day to kick it off. While timing for this new blog has been in question, my topic was never in doubt.

Fly fishing.

It’s my only response to the classic career question, ‘What type of work would you do for free?’ I had an instant connection on my first fly fishing trip to Utah’s Green River three decades ago even though it took another year to catch my first fish on a fly. Today my family and career are my clearest priorities. My wife also knows that fly fishing is anything but free. Aside from a family trip somewhere near fishing and an annual guys fishing trip or two to the Deschutes, I fish far less than I want. In recent years I’ve also found myself thinking less about the sport and knew something had to change.

I used to read everything I could about fly fishing. I’d watch videos, visit fly shops for the latest gear, check water flows and fishing reports, practice knots or tie flies. I still do these things, but in shorter drifts around my always gratifying fishing trips. And I know I’m not alone.

My ever-shrinking circle of fly fishing friends who double as parents have expressed the same time-constrained frustrations. We all look at our gear and garage-guarded boats and hope for more time on the water. I hope this blog helps pass the time between fishing days and reminds those that feel a part of their life has been missing. I also hope it helps inspire us to fish more often and grow a new circle of cohorts.

So to the fathers that fished today, I bet you’re jealous I had cinnamon roll waffles this morning.

I also look forward to hearing about your fishing days. You’ll be hearing about mine soon.

To my dad and our one time fly fishing together on Hat Creek. I must have scared him away because we haven’t fished together since. I still love you.


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Inspiration

  1. Well said. I watch fly fishing videos while folding hoards of laundry. But I have found a new way of fly fishing- with kids. Even in nasty ponds or tiny creeks that flow near a playground in the middle of the city. Even for about 15 minutes sometimes! But you are right- there will always be fish, but there won’t always be little ones running around. 🙂

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