Sage and Simms big winners at IFTD Awards

There’s nothing like new gear to motivate me to go fishing and last week the fly fishing industry rolled out its latest at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show (IFTD) in Orlando. At the show, powerhouse brands Sage and Simms walked away with several Best of Show Awards and provided us all the  incentive needed to visit our local fly shop.

Simms won seven awards, the most of any company, and became consecutive winners in the waders, outerwear and footwear categories. Sage’s Salt rod won both the overall Best of Show award and best saltwater rod, while Nautilus grabbed both fresh and saltwater reel awards.

Best of Show winner - the Sage Salt Rod

Best of Show winner – the Sage Salt Rod

Here’s a list of the Simms, Sage and Nautilus awards and a video featuring Simms’ new G4 Pro Jacket.

  • Best of Show: Sage Salt 890-4
  • Rods: Sage Salt 890-4 (saltwater) and ACCEL 590-4 (freshwater)
  • Reels: Nautilus CCFX2 Silver King Silver (freshwater) and Silver King Black (saltwater)
  • Saltwater Men’s and Women’s Waders: Simms Freestone Z (Men’s, $399.95) and Freestone (Women’s, $249.95). The Freestone Z hits the market March
  • Wading Boots: Simms Rivertek 2 Boa ($179.95) an update to the Rivertek Boa will be available in both the Simms StreamTread wading platform and felt.
  • Men’s and Women’s Outerwear: Simms G4 Pro (Men’s, $549.95) and Guide (Women’s $299.95) – The new G4 Pro, on sale now, is 15% lighter and resists abrasions better. Check out the video below for the G4 Pro.


IFTD Winner 2015


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