My Addiction

I’m going to confess something.

When I can’t fly fish, which is often, I like to watch people who can… on video.

Ok, that sounds a little creepy, but it’s more the reality of my life. I haven’t fished since September and these days I try to connect any way possible to fill the gaps. One way is through videos.

There’s a huge selection to feed my addiction given the number of amateurs out filming with the latest video equipment. Anyone can buy a GoPro, hit the water and make something. The higher quality videos, however, originate from video production companies or outdoor companies with money to connect their brands to consumers. Today I’m going to start recommending my favorites from both amateurs and the pros.

The first two videos appear in a series from Smith Optics called ‘Great Day.’ Now on their 16th episode, the series travels around the world to highlight outdoor sports and the surrounding lifestyle, including two on fly fishing.

‘Great Day 9,’ features a group a fisherman from Idaho that travels to the Sea of Cortez to fish for roosterfish, but catch dorado instead. Tough life. And in ‘Great Day 13’ friends fish the Big Lost River for rainbows.

To all those creating killer fly fishing videos – keep them coming. If it’s good, I’ll post it here.

Great Day 9: Fishing Below the Border


Great Day 13: Fly Fishing the Lost River


Editor’s note: I’ve had a number of Smith products over the years, but no, Smith Optics did not pay me to write this. I wish they would.


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