I want my Trout TV

Trout TVBass fishermen and deer hunters must be thrilled with Comcast-Seattle. There’s an overabundance of programming for them any day of the week on the Outdoor, Sportsman, and local sports channels. Fly-fishermen, on the other hand, are limited to watching the 11-year old two-part series Fly Fishing Legends through On-Demand or purchasing a movie like Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. From the reviews I’ve read, I wouldn’t recommend the latter. That leads to my question.

Why doesn’t Seattle’s main cable provider offer regular fly fishing programming? After all, the area is surrounded by mountains and water.

Is this another sign of waning interest in the sport? Is this the wrong season for fly fishing shows? Are there no quality fly fishing shows available to the outdoor networks or the 900 channels on Comcast? Or, is Comcast total crap?  I’m leaning toward the last one because there are excellent fly fishing shows in many parts of the country, just not ours. Take Trout TV, for instance.

Hosted by Hilary Hutcheson and Rich Birdsell, Trout TV is among the best fly fishing shows available today. Fishing the West’s best rivers like the Beaverhead, Madison, and Henry’s Fork, Trout TV has everything fly fishermen want – great scenery, the latest gear, insights from local guides and, of course, fish catching.

If you live in the West outside of Seattle, consider yourself fortunate because your satellite or cable provider is smart enough to air Trout TV. For those of us in Seattle, the show’s producers tell me they are doing everything they can to get picked up here.

In the meantime, I’ll gladly pay $5 a month for an online subscription to watch every episode of Trout TV. They also offer a free 7-day trial, but before signing up you can watch free previews either from their subscription site or YouTube channel. Check out the show’s 2014 highlights below.

What’s your favorite fly fishing show, either online or TV? Leave a comment below.







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